Templar Studies

For centuries, inquisitive minds have demonstrated interest in the never-ending search for the true meaning of life. The more men acquire knowledge and developed spiritually, the more they recognized that life did not consist only of eating, drinking, sleeping, having sex and obtaining material goods. They understood that the Universe followed certain laws. But how did those laws apply? Why did those laws exist? Many of these unanswered questions have kept man in a constant process of learning, evolution and discovery. Searching means "questioning", abandoning all rigid postures, becoming flexible, making room for the new, for unusual ideas.

The Knights Templar Order offers you a chance to have access to a collection of studies that inspire reflection, motivation and adds the necessary elements to help you experience a more fulfilling life. Full of research, applicable laws and experience analysis, our content sets out to bring people a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

It does not matter how much you have read in your life, which colleges or universities you have attended, to enjoy the ancient teachings of the Order. The Templar lessons constitute a fascinating revelation of mysteries and human potential.

It is known that we only grow from experiences, that every one of us is unique, and our differences and particularities have to be respected. Therefore, the studies are built in a way that all our members can obtain the most out of its content.

The studies are prepared in accessible levels of training, with several topics and in the right order. Gradually, we shall see solutions, useful facts and/or relevant information come to surface. These are result of years of study and research, compiled into Monographs, which are available monthly, in the form of e-books.

We inform that we are currently not working with books, at least not in the first degrees, because they are rarely able to be modified and our method ought to be flexible, with that in practice, we are able to bring new discoveries and/or relevant information faster to the hands of our members.

The monographs are released monthly respecting the Monographs’ numbers and should be exclusively used by an official member.

Members can read them on smartphones, tablets or personal computers directly from the website/app.

Since the content is confidential, its use by people who are not members of the Knights Templar Order is forbidden. The reason is very simple: This material’s content must be absorbed at the appropriate rate – it is a period of training, self-studying… analysis.

This is why the Monographs are numbered and have to be studied in their specific order, they were built respecting everyone’s development and we hope they inspire evolution and guidance in different areas and aspects of your life.