Initial Words

The Knights Templar Order is opening its doors to you. We invite you to get to know a new life, where self-knowledge, human improvement and fraternity are used wisely in the search for the real meaning of life.

Our Order is an ecumenical organization that aims at the personal, intellectual and social development of its members through studies, accumulated research and experiences, as well as at helping people with different types of necessities, supporting welfare and cultural organizations.

Here, we salute dignified men and women who look for extraordinary opportunities for sowing and nurturing positive transformations in personal and social areas of their lives, who share of remarkable similarities, not only in commitment, but also in faith. People who are eager to be useful and are aware that their actions really influence and contribute for a happier and worthy mankind.

The Templar studies provide you information, resources, insights, experiences and knowledge in diverse fields of study. Though, in our search, we must realize that it is not only enough knowing the way, we must follow it. This means putting all the knowledge, teachings and experience we acquire along the walk into practice; modify our lives positively, our behavior, renew ourselves continuously. Evolve! The constant study in the appropriate degree of evolution causes a direct effect on the whole being, sparking an attitude change, forcing us to abandon old habits and giving us the understanding that evolution is a Universal law as well as it is a Universal right.

Every one wishes to accomplish great things in their lives and also wish that the people they love can achieve them too, but not everyone seems to reach the results they desire. Our work is here to help you use your capacities and potentials in the right direction. Through consciousness development and spiritual enlightening, we are able to better comprehend and improve other areas of our lives, such as: affective, emotional, mental, physical and professional. The Universe is an endless source of wealth; and it is ours by right. God does not prevent any of His sons from making use of the great amazing wonders he conceived; but we must deserve them, we must conquer them worthly. You will be sure that you are capable of living your life exactly as you wish; that you can use your capacities and resources to create a better and more successful life for yourself and for others around you.

We want to invite you to enter the world of Ancient mystic studies and Templar teachings, where the tireless search for knowledge, self-awareness, human development, fraternity and spiritual evolution come together in our work as a main objective.

Please accept our most sincere and fraternal hug.

Templar Order