The Secret - by Templar Order


We have read " The Secret - by Rhonda Byrne " , this is absolutely amazing from our perspective. To see ordinary people to understand and pratice the greatest power of all.

When we achieve this comprehension , this knowledge spreads through our minds allowing us to make our lives different for the best. 

Most of the secret's teachings has all yo do with Templar Order's .


" The thought of our century is immersed in a conception of world called “scientific”. The adjective “scientific” has become a criteria to measure the veracity of an affirmation, a theory or a thought. All of us think about scientific categories, even in areas that are not connected to science itself. So, we convert ourselves, in large scale, to “science believers”, without being too conscient of the contradictions these terms imply. "

This is only one of the conception we create within us and we hardly can change . It requires a great effort from ourselves to change and open our minds.

" get rid of all the rigid postures, become flexible, make an interior opening in order to interpret new ideas without preconceptions. "